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Weight Training: 10 Gym Machines You Shouldn’t Use

In weight training, I am a big fan of using free-weights myself. But I know some of you “live and die” by the seated military or leg press.

Nothing wrong with that, but at least check out this article to find out the types of injuries and stress some gym machines can put on your body.

According to Ultimate Back Performance and Fitness, by Stuart McGill, PhD, a professor of spine-biomechanics at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario:

“Defenders of stationary equipment argue that machines are designed to limit what you can do wrong. But seated machines often put heavier loads on the back and joints than is necessary, and almost always miss the mark when it comes to replicating the movements found in everyday life…”

Article: 10 Machines You Shouldn’t Use
By the Editors of Best Life

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