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Weight Loss: Nothing Does It Better Than Running

Running: “The Wonderful Weight Loss Beast”

You don’t have to tell me about how much running sucks. I had to do it 3 days out of the week, EVERY WEEK for 4yrs while in the Navy (and I don’t want to hear any smack-talk from you Marines either. We know you guys like to run forever…).

But all in all, it IS very effective in helping you to shed pounds, especially when combined with weight training. Just make sure you are doing it properly.

Matt Fitzgerald shows you how to shed the fat, improve your speed, and avoid injury.

He says: “Men have been running since we shared disputed turf with saber-toothed cats. So how come so many of us do it wrong? Plenty of reasons: desk jobs, cars, couches, complacency. The urgency is lacking, the muscles are unused. Few of us have ever felt the need for a lesson…”

Article: Hit the Accelerator: Stop jogging the old way and start running right
By Matt Fitzgerald, Men’s Health

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