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Seeking Women Around Campus: Pick a Spot and Advertise

If you are in school seeking women, then I am sure you have noticed by now certain areas around campus that receive lots of traffic throughout the day. A good dating strategy for seeking women out is to position yourself somewhere in this area and “advertise.”

What in the hell am I talking about?”

Let’s say that you have about thirty minutes to an hour or two before your next class and you don’t plan on doing any studying during that time. Let’s also say that this is the same situation for you every Monday and Wednesday.

Then what you want to do for now on is to sit in one of these high-traffic areas around the exact same time EVERY Monday and Wednesday and just “advertise and observe.”

Think about how commercials work: You usually see the same ones around the same time of day or night. After seeing this commercial so often, you either come to know and trust the brand, hate the brand, or aren’t effected by it one way or another.

Allow my to explain further:

I like the commons area because there is a lot of traffic coming and going through it, so it serves as a great place for seeking women and to see the “eye candy” passing through.

It is also an excellent place for reading the read the body language of the women as they pass by.

I always position myself so that I can make eye contact with any woman walking in front of where I am seated. If any of my friends happen by and comes to sit and talk with me, it is they who are forced to sit with their back to the women as they pass.

I’ve learned a great deal about signs of attraction from this very spot:

  • The women who have a boyfriend or aren’t looking for anyone will not look at me, even if they know I am looking at them
  • The women who aren’t attracted will look at me, then look away
  • The women who are possibly attracted will either look at me, look away, then quickly look back, or some will simply look at me and smile.

Another advantage of this spot is repeat customers. During the week I am usually in the same spot around the same time waiting for my next class (which is about 2 hours away). It’s also where my friends meet up with me as well. So usually the same days, around the same times, I usually see the same females again, and again.

The women that I’ve previously tried to get the attention of (the ones that don’t look my direction at all) I don’t bother with anymore.

The second batch of females (the ones that look and look away and never look back) are a bit trickier to gauge. There are a couple of females that will look at me every single time I look at them, and then they look away.

Now you might say, “hey, there may be a possibility that she might be attracted to you,” but just looking at me when I look at her, even if it is every time I see said females, is not enough “body language signals” for me to go by.

The third group of females (the ones that look, look away, then look again, or look and smile) are a lot easier to work with. These women give me the opportunity to “reel them in” by either slightly waving at them, or simply smiling back.

After a few time of this, I sometimes will use a “smart-ass” remark, saying something like “what are YOU looking at?” (always with a smile though…) Most of the time her response is something like “I don’t know…” or she will simply send the question back in my direction, asking ME: “What are YOU looking at?” Now the two of us have a reason to speak to one another.

Pace yourself though. This is what flirting is all about. If you rush in too soon, the magic may disappear in to thin air. Flirting is a game of “cat and mouse,” and if you run for the mouse too quickly (if she’s not comfortable with you) then you might chase her away.

There are times when I play the “what are you looking at” game with a chick, and when she responds with her answer, then that is the end of our verbal exchange. We simply look at each other smiling until she disappears around the corner.

BUT, it’s usually the second time around where I will either motion her to walk over and speak with me, or I will get up and walk with her to wherever she is headed to.

So all in all, the key to this dating strategy for seeking women is repetition. YOU WANT to arrange yourself to be seen again, and again.

A couple of tips to “ready” you for seeking women using this strategy:

Dress nice, but don’t over do it.

You want to stand out by making yourself look “presentable,” but be subtle about it. Don’t put on something that just screams “I’m dying for some attention over here!” Use your better judgment. Save the 2-piece Valentino suit for the proper occasion.

Have some “business” about you.

Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log with a facial expression that reads “look at me…please?” Crack open a book or bring a pen and pad and write about something. Just look up from what you are doing every now and then so you don’t seem so obvious.

There is the problem of being too predictable

Vary this seeking women dating strategy up a bit by showing up to your spot a little later than usual sometimes. Also try out different areas every now and then. This way you are able to see different women who may not usually pass through the area where you normally sit.

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