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Seeking Women: Where NOT to Meet Women

Guess what? Not all places are created equal when it comes to seeking women. “Where Not to Meet Women” was designed specifically from my own experiences, as well as input from others who haven’t had any luck searching in these places.

KEEP IN MIND: It is not impossible to meet women in the places listed here, but it is DEFINITELY not recommended trying to, as experience has proven these places to be a waste of time.

Your Mileage May Vary!

If you need a refresher, go back to the Dating Tips for Meeting Women recommendations, and save yourself the headache from hunting on the wrong hunting grounds.

Stores and Shopping Malls

In general, most people don’t go to the store looking to hook-up. You go in already knowing what you are looking for, and pray that you don’t get caught in the check out line behind the old lady who still writes checks!

Think about yourself for instance. I’m sure you don’t get dressed up in your “finest threads” just to go down the street to grab a carton of milk and eggs, or a new game for the Nintendo Wii.

If you’re like me, you throw on some shorts, a t-shirt, and some bummy-looking tennis shoes when you go, mostly because you plan/hope to get in and out of there as quickly as possible.

The same applies to women. No “razzle-dazzle” when it comes to getting ready shop for groceries. Sweat pants, t-shirt, no makeup, hair put up in a bun or pony tail, scary sight all around! The last thing on her mind is hooking-up, and is probably hoping she doesn’t run into anyone she knows!

With shopping malls, the women DO dress up a little more, BUT they will still not come looking to meet anyone. If she saw in the sales paper that the new Chanel handbag design is out AND on sell, the only thing that will be on her mind is to try to get to the store before they sell out.

Even women who only come to do some “window shopping” will still not want to be distracted (one distraction is enough).

Try approaching one, and don’t be too surprised if she gives you the “deer in the headlights” look, as if to say “did I do something wrong sir?”

The Workplace

Too much potential for drama and conflict. If you are dating a woman at work, expect everyone to know and try to poke their noses into your business.

Plus, women like to talk (read “gossip”). If you have a fight, expect everyone at work to hear about it. If you gave a “sub-par” performance in bed the night before, expect everyone at work to hear about it, AND (especially the guys) will want to know why you couldn’t deliver. Get it?

THE WORST POSSIBLE THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU is that the two of your break up, and then she starts to date someone else who works with you as well. Imagine him coming over and saying (around the guys, of course) “Hey, I never knew she was so flexible! Did she (insert sexual position here) with you too?”

Get it?

The Gym

It’s funny when I see guys trying to talk with women as they work out. The expression on the women’s faces are always that of “you’re interrupting my workout.”

EVEN WORSE is when guys try to become her workout partner and ends up turning out to be the “Nazi boot-camp instructor from hell!” You know the ones: “Come on, you can do it! Up, up, a little more…no, no, straighten that back out! Don’t give up yet, you’ve still got 15 more reps…that’s a good girl…”

Needless to say, I don’t see the same woman for a few weeks (she’s hoping the Nazi changes his workout schedule, or she’s probably changed hers).

I even heard a group of guys talking about a dude who got suspended a few weeks for “harassment.” I knew exactly who they were talking about: this guy practically LIVED in the gym. I don’t even think he had a real job. But HE DID make it his job to flirt with all the women as they worked out.

I think he did more talking/flirting than actual exercise. I guess some women just didn’t like being constantly “harassed” by him.

Red light territory, the gym is.

Coffee Shops and Internet Cafes

This is almost as lame as trying to hook-up with a chick at a public library. Besides, any women hanging out there will most likely have come with someone (family, friends, boyfriend), or is waiting on family, friends, or her boyfriend.

If she’s reading a newspaper, a book, or browsing the internet, expect her to not want to be interrupted by a stranger. How much attention can she give you while checking and receiving emails anyway?

One of my good friends (one of the “Pretty-boy Floyd” types) thought that this rule wouldn’t apply to him. He ends up having the woman tell him that all she wants to do is “drink her coffee and read her paper in peace.”

Pretty-boy Floyd then tries to explain to her that he felt compelled to speak with her because this was a “once in a lifetime” chance for him, seeing as though he “may never run into her again!”

At that, she stands, folds her newspaper, and begins to exit; mumbling on her way out “next time I’ll just stay home and brew the sh*t (her coffee) myself!”

All eyes in the shop are now on an embarrassed Pretty-boy Floyd.

Pretty-boy Floyd: (to me) “If ever there was a time in where I wish I could teleport myself to another place…”


These women will not understand your concept of “dating” a*k*a “just trying girls out until I find the one for me…” She will probably tell you flat out “you’re either with me, or you’re not!”

Plus, most guys tend to want to have sex. Imagine her speaking to one of the brothers or deacons about the fact that she is incessantly being persuaded (by YOU) to commit immoral acts, and is wondering what she should do because she “doesn’t want to lose you!”

Then the two of you have to meet with the pastor, the gossip begins to float around (women like to talk, remember?), you are looked upon as a “heathen,” etc.

Sports Bars

Just plain DUMB to come seeking women here. Any women of ANY “Quality” would not step one foot near a sports bar (unless of course, the team that’s playing is coming to the sports bar after the game. But who do you think her focus will be on then?).

Telephone Chat Lines

TO THIS DATE I do not no of ANYONE who has met any woman of any substance on a chat line. The reports I have gotten from friends is that the women they meet on chat lines are usually the ones with a ton of kids, or are escorts.

Save yourself time and gas. If you are trying to hook-up with out leaving the house, then do your hunting online instead. At least then you have a picture to go by!

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