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The Nightclub: Back To Where It All Began

“But I met her at a nightclub (or social bar). Mission accomplished. Why would I need to go back there again?”

Well, why not?

Think about the night you met her:

  • She was probably dressed in something very sleek and sexy
  • She was probably “all dolled-up”: make-up, lipstick, eye shadow, fresh hair-do, etc.
  • She was probably shaking those hips and gyrating her body to the tunes pumping out of the nightclub’s speaker system. If you had asked her for a dance, she may have been doing all of this with you
  • If the place was packed wall-to-wall with people, the two of you may have not had any other choice but to be right on top of one another while talking (which ain’t a bad position to be in at all!)

Aren’t those enough good reasons for you to want to recapture the essence of that night once again?

The environment of the nightclub alone turns some people into a different breed of animal. Who doesn’t transform into a “social beast” after a couple of shots of patron?

The drinks are flowing, the music is blasting, everyone is having fun, and this is what makes the energy of the place so positive. Who goes to the club pissed-off? No one. A pissed-off person is to pissed-off to want to go clubbing.

Another added benefit is that things are a little different this time around. You aren’t there seeking women; you already have one! So now there’s no fear of going home without any phone numbers from females. You have earned the right to sit this round out!

So take (or meet) your date at the night club and dance the night away. If you want a more chill and low-key type environment, then go to a social bar instead. Order a few drinks, sit (or stand), talk, get comfortable, get close.

Who knows, the night could very well end at your place, her place, or a hotel room. Nothing wrong with that, right? 😉

(P.S. Don’t ruin the romance by getting some flea-bag motel room. Hotel rooms are more romantic (and a hell of a lot cleaner). If you MUST get a motel room, just be sure that it’s one that’s isn’t frequented by hookers and John’s…)

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