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Movie Reviews: Swingers (1996)

Mike: “How about if I wait six weeks to call. I could tell her I found her number while I was cleaning out my wallet, I can’t remember where we met. I’ll ask her what she looks like and if we f*cked. How about that? Would that be money?”

Imagine: You tell your girl with whom you have been dating for 6 years that you have to move away to find better paying work. 6 months later while you are in another state trying to secure a steady career that will pay you enough salary to move your girl down so that the two of you can get a place together and settle down, she calls and tell you she is leaving you for another man.

Swingers is for anyone who has dealt with a long-term relationship that ended badly, and took you (or is still taking you) a very long time to get over it.

Mike, (played by Jon Favreau) has left his girlfriend of 6 years in New York to move to Los Angeles to pursue his career as a comedian. The movie starts 6 months after she left him for another man, and Mike now is having trouble trying to cope with being all alone, and in someway desperately want to get back with her.

His best friend Trent (Vince Vaughn, who plays the kind of wingman every guy wish they had) and some of his other compadres (also pursuing acting careers) are determined to get his mind off his past chick, and to get him back into the social and dating scene.

Trips to Las Vegas, parties in the Hollywood Hills, bars, nightclubs, you name it! Just the fellas hanging out around town in pursuit of cuties, all while trying to help their buddy Mike forget about his past chick and get back into the mix.

Will they be successful in their attempts?

Genre: Comedy/Drama

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