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Movie Reviews: Dazed And Confused (1993)

Freshman Girl: Will you marry me?
Dawson: I don’t know. What’s in it for me?
Freshman Girl: Anything you want?
Dawson: Anything?
Freshman Girl: Anything.
Dawson: [opening his mouth wide] Go like this. Do you spit or swallow?
Freshman Girl: Whatever you like.
Dawson: Whatever I like? I would definitely marry you.

What does incoming freshmen + upcoming seniors equal? Answer: One very long hazing-filled, beer-guzzling, weed-smoking summer of ’76!

Dazed and Confused is the ULTIMATE “hang-out and chill” movie, and makes American Graffiti look like a boring National Geographic documentary. This movie will make you nostalgic for more simpler times; back when the chrome was thick and the women were straight!

I have seen this movie at least 8 times (I own it), and each time I am reminded of how things have really changed. I mean, where in America today can you drive around all night going from party to party looking for chicks, getting drunk and stoned without constantly having to looking over your shoulder? Not for the police though, but for OTHERS out there looking to spoil your fun with kidnappings, car-jackings, and robberies.

And most folks don’t fight today; they SHOOT you instead.

But all in all, this movies is great to study to give you some ideas for holding your own little mini get-together, parties, keggers, etc. The overall theme of this movie is just hanging out, meeting chicks, and just enjoying few good “moments” the “Gods” do grant us from time to time.

Plot Summary: It’s the last day of school at a high school in a small town in Texas in 1976. The upperclassmen are hazing the incoming freshmen, and everyone is trying to get stoned, drunk, or laid, even the football players that signed a pledge not to. Written by Jon Reeves {jreeves@imdb.com}

Genre: Comedy/Drama

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