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Mens Clothing Stores: The Stores You Should Completely Avoid

There’s a saying that goes “if you buy cheap, you keep buying.” Discount mens clothing stores offer the promise of getting all the cool name brand clothing styles for less.

But if you haven’t learned it yet from your high school government and economics class: “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”

I happen to be a cynic by nature, so I am naturally skeptical about supposed “good deals” at some mens clothing stores. When friends gloat about finding what would normally be a $85-125 dollar polo shirt for $15-25 bucks, I then say to them: “it’s that cheap for a reason…”

And that reason is often a bad one.

When dealing with discount mens clothing, a few reasons that you are getting the big name brands cheaper is because:

  • The article of clothing is out of style. Like three summers ago…
  • Low thread count. Quality mens clothing feels more weightier and falls on your body frame perfectly. Low thread count clothing (especially shirts) hug your body like spandex and begin to unravel faster than you can say “you get what you pay for.”
  • Irregularly stitched. The discount mens clothing store Ross is notorious for this, but at least they are being honest with you. Check some of the tags on their mens clothing and you will usually find a tag that reads “irregular.”

    But unless you like having one of your pants legs longer than the other, then no worries!

  • A fashion designer’s creative mistake. The design was a cool idea at first, until he or she realized after having hundreds of them made that “no one in their right mind would be caught dead wearing this garbage! Let’s sell them at a discount…”

    It’s like the meat you buy at a discount from the grocery store that will go bad in two days. That’s when ye old “manager’s special” appears from nowhere.

Keep in mind that just because the clothing is on sale doesn’t necessarily mean that your getting a bad deal (at SOME stores, such as Macy’s or Dillard’s), but once they hit the “clearance” rack you might want to think twice about rummaging through it.

Which mens clothing stores should guys avoid to keep from looking “cheap?” Share your wisdom and experiences with us.

Click here

And when it comes to mens fashion tips, you DEFINITELY want to run, not walk from the following discount mens clothing stores, as I have had to learned the hard way:

Ross: Home of the “irregular” articles of mens clothing. Lose stitching, uneven pants and shirt lengths, you name it. My very first run-in with this store was back when I was but a lowly E-1 in the United States Navy with a bunch of cash to spend, nothing to spend it on, and lots of time on my hands.

When one of my friends stumbled upon this store at Pearlridge Mall in Aeia, we thought we had struck gold. “Damn, they’ve got Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, and Ralph Lauren for cheap!” So once or twice we dropped a crazy amount of cash on “cheap” mens clothing.

It only took us about three time to realize what the fuck was going on. The second time was “denial.” The third: “confirmation.”

Marshalls: Home of the big name brand designs that have since been put out to sea many moons ago. Wearing these designs is like trying to make wearing a mullet or flat-top look cool again. Lots of “fashion designer’s creative mistakes” end up here. It took me only three times to realize “they were waring these patterns back when I was in high school!”

This is also the one place where you can buy a shirt and find someone else wearing the exact same one. One time at a dance club my friend ran into a guy who was wearing the exact same shirt as him (then again Oahu is not all that big in the first place). Chicks thought it was cute and referred to the two as “twins.” My friend and the other guy then agreed to remain at opposite ends of the room from each other for the rest of the night.

Wal Mart: “Faded Glory” is to Wal Mart what the “Big Mac” is to McDonalds. And their clothes do look “faded” as if they have been washed one too many times. It’s an excellent marketing catch phrase: “Faded Glory.” I guess they want folks to believe there is “glory” in looking “faded.”

I only shop in the mens clothing section at Wal Mart for socks and white t-shirts. Nothing more.

K&G Fashion Superstore: Bought a blazer from K&G. It looked good on me in the store. Tried it on a few more times when I got home. It hasn’t left my closet since then…

Payless Shoe Store: Come on, get a job. Seriously…

That’s all I have as I don’t really deviate from the quality mens clothing store anymore. If you know of any other mens clothing stores that guys should stay away from or have war stories about buying cheap clothing from one of the ones I’ve listed above, then please click here and share them with us.

A final though: You can buy your clothes from wherever you want. Just put some extra consideration (and dough) into your wardrobe when it comes to dating and going out to meet women. If you are a “cheap chuck” by nature then fool the hell out of her by not dressing cheap.

Let the other side of you come out once she has really warmed up to you and begins to go into orbit around your “man-sphere.”

Which Other Mens Clothing Stores Do You Think Guys Should Avoid?

Do you have a great story or idea about the cheap clothing stores guys should stay far away from? Share it with the rest of us!

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