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First Date Ideas: Conclusion

Your first date is over. If you DID have a “great time” then indicate that you are interested in getting together in the future: “…let’s do it again sometime…”

DO NOT SCHEDULE YOUR NEXT DATE AT THIS TIME! Call her the next day or a few days later and work something out then.

Now it is time to reflect on how things went for the night.

Though you may be quick to say to yourself “I had a wonderful time,” “I can’t wait to see her again,” you have to remember that it’s not about YOU or how YOU felt the night went, because SHE is the only one who will ultimately determine if there in fact will be a second date.

How will you know if there will be another date?

Answer: Through her actions over the course of the next few days.

Here are some signs you should be looking for:

  • If she doesn’t call (or respond to your phone calls and voice messages) after the first date.
  • If you are calling her more than she calls you.

  • She is NOW suddenly busier than normal. You get a lot of “I have to call you back.”
  • She’s not “available” when you bring up the idea of meeting up again for a future date: “I’ll have to check schedule and get back to you…”

It happens. No need to get discouraged or get upset. No need to leave nasty messages in her voice mail or email inbox. Just get back out there and continue to hunt.

And hopefully you DID what I said about playing the “Numbers Game” by having a few other females to call incase the first one didn’t work out.

But alas! There are two sides to every coin!

As I said once before, first dates will confirm to you whether or not there is really any “connection” between you and her.

If the date TO YOU was just “okay,” if nothing seemed to “spark” between the two of you, or if she was having more of a good time than you were, YOU WILL BE THE ONLY ONE WHO DETERMINES IF THERE WILL BE A SECOND DATE!

And if you felt the date was anything but great, you can pretty much assume that any future dates with her will not get any better…

Return to the hunting grounds….

But if the two of you hit it off great, then no worries! Get ready then to proceed to the “Level 2” dating stage…

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