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Dating Tips for Nightclubs A*K*A “The Watering Hole”

“Dating Tips for Nightclubs” shows you how meeting women in nightclubs is like fishing for fish in a fish tank. Where else do you get the chance to sip on your favorite drink, listen to your favorite tunes, all while observing (and flirting with) what seems to be hundreds of beautiful women who got all “dolled up” (just for you) as they gyrate those alluring figures on the dance floor?

But before we get too far into this dating tips discussion, lets do away with any misconceptions you may have about the types of women who frequent nightclubs.

Some of you may have been led to believe that the only women that go to nightclubs are the “sluts” or “gold-digging (insert explicative here)” who are only searching for a “Sugar Daddy” who will (hopefully) marry and/or impregnate them so they can be set for life (or at least 18 years for the second option). But I promise you that you don’t have to go to a nightclub in order to run into THESE particular scenarios (just ask Donald Trump or P. Diddy:).

Believe it or not, most of the women who go to nightclubs are regular everyday women just looking to “let loose” and have a good time. Most of them have jobs (and could just as well be earning more “coin” than you and I) and are there pretty much for the same reason you are: To search for possible and potential companionship!


Why do I suggest nightclubs? It’s a very simple dating tip if you think about it:

Many women in one room = Many opportunities to strike gold!

One example: After a few drinks in your system, you may begin to feel (over) confident in yourself (liquid courage, also know as “False Bravado”) and say to yourself: “I’m going to mack to every fine honey I cross paths with in here tonight…”

That’s perfectly fine. Mack away! And while you are at it, keep this sobering dating tips fact in the back of your mind:


There are just too many unseen elements working against you (mental/physical attraction, timing, etc.) before you even get the chance to hit her with the old “Hey, I lost my number, can I have yours?”

(Note: If you ever use this line on a chick, I will personally come grab you and stick you nose in the corner for the rest of the night, after I make you apologize to yourself for being such a “dunce,” lol.)

BUT: Many women in one room = Many opportunities to strike gold!

Another dating tip for nightclubs you need to keep in mind is that you may go through 2-3 different women before you find one that you really connect with (Dating Tips Note: the “connection” must be shared or “mutual” between the two of you. It cannot just be one-sided.).

I actually encourage the practice of trying to get as many phone numbers as you can for that night (unless you happen to find a “keeper.”). On a good night I may walk away with as many as 5 different women’s phone numbers myself. Out of that 5, I may be able to get 2 of them on the phone, and from those two, one may actually materialize into a date.


All it takes is for girl #1, 2, and 3 to see you “mackin” to girl #4 and 5. Women have their own underground network in which they operate. All it takes is one meeting in the ladies room in where they compare and exchange notes on your shenanigans (especially the notes on how you used the same lines with each of them).

At this point, you’re pretty much “F**ked,” and might as well save your pimpin for another night (and possibly another nightclub, of course).

(Nightclub Dating Tips Note: Do not feel “guilty” if you practice what I call “The Numbers Game,” nor should you feel bad if you get caught. I have had many female friends brag about how many phone numbers they get from guys in one night. Some of them even joke about not having any plans to call any of them: “I’m just going to get 7 more tomorrow night…what’s the rush?” It’s all a game. Take it for what it’s worth. These nightclub dating tips are to show you how to master the game so that the odds will begin to stack in your favor. See Dating Strategies: Nightclub Rules for more “Do’s and Don’ts” dating tips for finding women in nightclubs)

Note that I said “On a good night…” a few paragraphs back. I am not just referring to a “successful night.” Rather, I am making reference to the one crucial element that is in direct relation to whether or not you have a “good night;” which brings us to our next topic of discussion.


Imagine this scene: You walk into a night club (ready to put the mack-down on some unsuspecting honey) and begin to notice
how “spacious” the place is. So spacious in fact, you could perform a series of “jumping jacks,” “cartwheels,” or “Tae Bo,” and manage not to injure anyone.

You also begin to notice that the male-to-female ratio is off: for every 1 female, there are about 3-4 males present.

The Dance floor is empty. People are scattered about the club; mostly guys who stand around holding a drink in their hand, looking just as confused as you.

Why is hell is this place so dead? You ask yourself. Where the hell are all the women at??”

Good Question! Questions are good!

But I’ve got a couple of even better questions that you should be asking yourself:

What Day of The Week is It?

Unless you live somewhere like Beverly Hills (where people don’t have to work and can afford to party 24/7, 365), don’t expect the nightclub scene to really pick up until the middle of the week. Your safest bet is any night between Wednesday thru Saturday. And even Wednesday and Thursday is pushing it.


Except for a small percentage of night shift (3pm-11pm, or 4pm-12am) and “3rd Shift” (11pm-7am, or 12am-8am) workers, the majority of the population is on the 9-5 Monday-Friday schedule, with the weekend off. Most normal folks (apologies to you “Night Owls”) don’t like the idea of staying out all night until 4am (about the time most clubs close), only to wake up 3-4 hours later to go to work.

Fridays and Saturdays are generally better for clubbing because you can sleep in the next morning (especially good if you are trying to sleep off a “hangover” from too much drinking). Also, Fridays are usually “pay day” for someone, somewhere.

Another Good Nightclub Dating Tip

Try to go to nightclubs during the first two weeks of the month, around the first or the 15th. People tend to spend more money around this time, and are usually broke toward the end of the month (especially applicable to you military guys…I know because I was one of them, lol).

Yet A Few More Useful Dating Tips on Timing

Want to know which clubs will have the most women on any given night? Simple! Just listen to any Pop station in your city or check out the website of the nightclub you plan on going to. What you are looking/listening for is “Ladies get in free until 11pm!” or whatever the nightclub’s cut-off time is for women to enter without having to pay.

Club owners and promoters know that guys don’t like walking into a “Sausage Fest,” (too many men, not enough women) so they use this promotional tool to assure guys that lots of women will be present that night at their night club.

Muy Caliente Dating Tip:, be on the look out for “Events” happening at nightclubs, such as “Grand Openings (which are usually hosted by local celebrities and music artist), nightclub “Anniversary” parties, and especially nights that are hosted by celebrities and musicians (e.g. P. Diddy’s “Birthday Bash,” Fergie’s “New Year’s Eve Celebration,” etc.).

(Nightclub Dating Tips Note: The celebrity hosted nights will cost you a little more to get in, but it will be well worth it considering that the place will be packed wall-to-wall with women!)

NIGHTCLUB DATING TIPS WARNING: DO NOT attend nightclubs where they are hosting a “Live Performance” of musicians or rappers. All the women’s attention will be on them, not you. Plus, their boyfriend’s probably bought the ticket, and probably likes the band or rapper too, so it’s a good chance she’s bringing him to tag along.

***Other Nightclub Dating Tip Factors To Consider***

  • Weather
    Chicks don’t like to get their hair or Prada boots wet. It’s a good bet they are going to stay home.
  • You arrived at the nightclub too early
    Though it WAS smart of you to arrive early to find parking and avoid the long lines at the door, do not expect the place to come alive until about 11:30pm or 12am.
  • Popular music act(s) in town on that night
    You better believe that if Beyonce or Justin Timberlake are in town on the same night you’re going clubbing, you’ll be sitting around inside the club with a bunch of other guys talking about Monday night football…
  • The nightclub you are at isn’t popular or does little or no promotion
    It will serve you very well to find out which clubs are “hot” and have the largest crowd. Do a Google Search to find out which popular nightclubs are located in your area:

Here in Houston I have found a couple of sites that list all the clubs in Houston. One is for general clubs, the other caters more towards an Urban crowd.

Check out these examples of our nightlife listings in Houston below:

Nightlife in Houston
A list of popular nightclubs here in Houston, as well as which nights at their club do what (e.g. “Ladies free until ” “)…

The Urban nightlife scene in Houston. Check out how they use postcards detailing what’s happening at each nightclub, as well as on which night…


Be very mindful of a nightclub’s particular dress code rules!

Take the time to find out about the dress code for the nightclub you plan to go to. If you show up to a nightclub that doesn’t allow ball caps, blue jeans and sneakers, YOU’RE NOT GETTING IN!

If you aren’t sure about the dress code or can’t find the information, then play it safe and “dress up” rather than “dress down.” KEEP IN MIND that some clubs might require you to do a little more (slacks instead of khakis, or even a two-piece suit instead of polo shirts); while at others, button-up shirts and Stacy Adams might be doing a little too much.

Click here for more Nightclub tips and advice!

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