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Dating Tips for Meeting Women: Ignore Those You Cannot Have

No one likes to having their time wasted, especially when trying to meet women. These dating tips are to show you why you should just ignore women you cannot have.

Just think about that chick that you’ve been flirting with for the last few months. You’ve asked her out, asked her for her number, she tells you “I’ll think about it”; she only calls when she’s out running errands…

So close, and yet so far…

You finally come to realize that you are running in place with this female. But something tells you in the back of your mind “don’t give up” because “perseverance” often pays off with HUGE rewards.

When you stop trying to persevere?

Answer: NOW!!

Trust this dating tip. She isn’t interested in hooking up with you; she just doesn’t know how to outright tell you without hurting your feelings. Can’t blame her for that.

“We can still be friends” she says. And so you settle for less than you originally wanted.

But why settle? You came to the Mercedes dealership to buy a all-white Mercedes with an all-white interior. Why did you let the dealer talk you into buying a red one with a black interior?

So what do you do?

LAW #36 from The 48 Laws of Power:


If there is something you want but cannot have, show contempt for it. The less interest you reveal, the more superior you seem.

You ever been ignored? You know, by the female who hasn’t returned your phone call (or email) since last week? If so, then you truly understand the power this little tool possesses.

You are on the bench. She is out there on the court; with one guy, then another. You sit there as she passes by, looking like a wounded kicked-puppy, desperate, hoping that one day soon she will come to tap you on the shoulder and put you in the game.

You could still be friends, right?

No…that’s not what you came for…no truce…disdain things you cannot have.

The author of “The 48 Laws of Power” describes this as the sour grapes approach:

“If there is something you want but that you realize you cannot have, the worst thing you can do is draw attention to your disappointment by complaining about it. An infinitely more powerful tactic is to act as if it never really interested you in the first place.”

Keep this ego-boosting dating tip forever in your deck of cards. You are the king, and, just as she, you too have the power to ignore things as if they never existed in the first place.

The gods only allow us a certain amount of time here on earth. Do waste your time “chasing wind”; someone who doesn’t want to be caught by you.

Ignore. Move on to the next one. There are plenty.

The Fox And The Grapes

A starving fox…

saw a cluster

Of luscious-looking

grapes of purplish


Dangling above him on

a trellis-frame.

He would have dearly

liked them for his


But when he tried and

failed to reach the


“Ah well, it’s more than

likely they’re not


Good only for green

fools to eat!”

Wasn’t he wise to say

they were unripe

Rather than whine

and grip?

Fables,Jean De La Fontaine, 1621-1695

Taken from The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Avoid this dating tip for meeting women at your peril…

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