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Dating Tips for Approaching Women with Confidence Mini Guide

Let me start off by telling you what we will won’t be discussing in this “dating tips for approaching women” topic. I will not tell you which corny-a$$ lines to use with women, nor will I tell you how to walk or talk “cool.”

The reason is that what works for one person may or may not work for the next. You ever wonder how James Bond always knows just the right things to do and say to get women in bed with him?


This is real life, unscripted.

(But hey, sometimes Hollywood does do a “damn good” job of showing you exactly how this dating game works…)

Take a look at what Dating Coach David Wygant’s Yahoo Personals article “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” has to say about dating tips for approaching women with confidence:

“Most men think they need a clever line to approach a woman. But through all my years of coaching men and women, I have found that it is not what you say that’s important, but how you approach.” Most women put more importance on visual clues to assess a man’s character. They don’t care what you say, as long as you say it without hesitation. Unfortunately, most men don’t know this, so they walk over to a woman like a wounded animal expecting to be rejected. When you approach like a wounded animal, you will be rejected every single time — no matter how clever a remark you may have…”

So how do you approach women? Real simple:

With Confidence, Of Course!

That’s it. If you can learn to get over your fear of rejection, then approaching women will become second nature to you. You will learn all of these tips in the following mini guide below.

BUT REMEMBER: You must approach them, they WILL NOT approach you!

Stop worrying about rejection: IT WILL HAPPEN! It happens to the best of us, so you are in good company.

Just take your mind off of it so you can focus more on spotting opportunities for meeting women (visual cues), and some conversations tips for breaking the ice.

Continue forward please…

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