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Dating Tips for College: Making Yourself a Desired Distraction

CLASS IS IN SESSION! The Course: Dating Tips for College 101.

Though you may be physically present for class, I am sure you mind is somewhere else; more than likely on those foxy coeds! Hopefully your main focus is your education, but there is no reason you can’t squeeze in a few “extra curricular” activities between studying.

Hooking-up with females at school is not hard. You just have to understand the environment in which you operate. The atmosphere here is vastly different from nightclubs, social bars, parties, and online dating; so the manner in which you “operate” HAS TO and WILL BE very different from those environments.


Because college is not (usually) a place for hooking-up…IT’S FOR LEARNING!

And this is what you’re up against. You are going to have to convince any female you are interested in that you are not going to become a “distraction” by taking her away from her studying. You KNOW how much tuition and books are these days.

In other words you are going to have to fit in with HER agenda. But this won’t be difficult at all, as “Dating Tips for College” will show you.

Now, before we get too deep into this dating tips for college lecture, let’s knock out a few very important tips in dealing with classmates:

IF there is a female in you class that you are thinking of approaching (remember to do it with confidence), then do it somewhere between the first 3-4 classes with her! You do not want to wait before half the semester is over before you finally make your move.


Two Reasons:

  • 1) You don’t want her to get too distracted from all of the school work that will begin to pile up as the weeks progress.

    With deadlines for assigned reading, studying for quizzes, preparing for midterms, etc., “hooking-up” will probably be the last thing on her mind; especially if she has more than one class to begin with.

    Plus approaching her early will also be the best opportunity to establish yourself as a “study buddy.”

  • 2) You don’t want her to get too distracted by the other guys who have read and are following Reason #1’s advice.

ALSO, it is always good to have a backup plan: If there are 2-3 other females in your class that may be of interest to you, then get friendly with each of them. This means that you try to become friends with all of them, but you DO NOT commit yourself to either of them.

In doing this you have established yourself in case girl #1 doesn’t work out as planned. This way you still can explore your options with #2 and #3.

You are going to need to keep “business in mind” when dealing with college women. If you say you want to be her study partner, then she is going to expect you to act like one. Show up on time whenever you schedule a time to study together, and be serious about “studying.”

To keep things simple (and to get her to feel “comfortable” around you), agree to meet ON CAMPUS someplace like the library or any other place on campus where people gather to study.

She will not take you serious if you are asking her to meet you at YOUR house to study…you stranger.

I like the library because it is quiet and a more “intimate” setting. You will feel like it is only the two of you present.

You can then use this “study” time to slip in a few “off the subject” questions to get to know her, such as “what do you do when you are not hitting the books?” or “do you ever get a chance to go out or catch a movie?” This will tell you about how hardcore she is about her studies.

If she tells you that she never has any time to do anything else besides school (and work?), then get creative. The next time the two of you are to meet to study, ask her to show up a little early to join you for lunch ON CAMPUS at whatever place people go to eat on your campus.

If she declines at first, tell her it’s your treat, and offer to buy her lunch. While the two of you eat, you will now have more opportunities to “get personal” and ask her more questions about herself.

The more she gets comfortable around you (seeing that you still are concerned about studying, of course), the more she will be open to do other things with you, such as meeting for drinks, dancing, or a movie.

You can use the excuse that the two of you have worked so hard and need to “relax” and take your mind off of school work for a bit. Everyone likes the idea of “taking a break” for a while to gather themselves, so it’s more than likely she’ll go for it.

Keep it business like so that she won’t see through your intentions, but use any other “off the subject” time to get in good with her.

This is the best path to becoming a “desired distraction” because she is able to have fun with you and take care of business at the same time.

-This next example of dating tips for college deals with meeting women around campus while they are “busy”-

A Scenario

You’re about 30 minutes early for your next class, so you decide to find a table in one of the general areas in where people come to study (note that this isn’t always the library. It could just as well be a picnic table outside).

You then notice that you have the option of a) sitting at a completely empty table; or b) sitting at the table occupied by a very cute female who is doing some reading. You choose to go with option b.

And with that choice goes your concentration! Your first intentions where to do some studying; now you have chosen to study the female at the table, and are now trying to figure out how to get her attention. But the problem is she hasn’t noticed you since her eyes are glued to the pages of her book.

Now, you could just as well go over and interrupt her from studying in order to introduce yourself, just outright attempt to strike up a conversation, and hope that she doesn’t consider you to be rude S.O.B. for doing so.

But how do you know that she was even interested in conversing with you in the first place? You could’ve just as well been interrupting her from studying for a quiz she is about take within the next 10 minutes.

But all in all, let’s look at taking a more subtle approach in trying to speak with her.

You: (walking over to the table) “You don’t mind if I sit here do you?”

Her: “No, go right ahead”

You: “How are you doing?”

Her: “Fine…”

The next few motions are going to require you to start reading body language to determine if she is interested in the conversation, or if you should stop and abandon the effort.

You take a seat and begin to pull your books from your bag.

You: “What class is that?”

Her: “Statistics”

You: “Wow. I may have to take that next semester (whether you are telling the truth or not). How is it?”

Her: “It’s pretty hard.”

Let’s stop right here because this conversation can go a million different ways. The only thing you need to be concerned about is “how is she responding to your questions physically?”

Is she smiling? Does she look at you when answering your questions? Does she have any questions for you?

If none of these elements are present (e.g. she continues to look into her book as she answers your questions), then take it as a sign that she may not want to be bothered.

But the truth of the matter is that she probably isn’t interested in you.

Think about it: It doesn’t matter if you had five minutes to turn in a 7 page assignment that you’ve only written 2 pages for so far; if an attractive woman comes over to sit next to you and starts talking to you, YOU WILL STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING TO SEE WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY!

That’s just how attraction works, so don’t take it personally. There are hundreds of other women that you will have a chance to approach.

So focus on an exit strategy with the woman at the table. No need to waste any more time with someone who isn’t interested in you.

You: “You know what? I sat here to work on my homework, but I forgot the actual homework in my car!”

Her: “Hmm…”

(You begin to put your books back into your bag.)

You: “Oh well, good luck with your class.”

Her: “Thanks.”

Other College Dating Tips Considerations

DRESS TO IMPRESS: Most college people figure “Hey, this is college…I’ms all growed up now!” and somehow seem to think that it doesn’t matter how they look when they come to school.

Don’t come to class looking like you just rolled out of bed and rolled into school. Dress nice so that you stand out from all the other guys that come to school dressed like ‘bums.”

Ninja Skillz: Try it out! Come to school a couple of days dressed down, then come to school the next couple of days dressed up. I bet you will notice how differently the women look at you during these test. And I promise you that you will have their attention if you come to school “dressed-to-impress.”

(At college) YOU DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO APPROACH A WOMAN THE FIRST TIME AROUND: Unless she drops out for the semester, she’s not going anywhere for a while! If you notice her, and she notices you, then pay attention to if she looks away and looks back at you again.

It’s okay to play it cool if you are positive you may run into her again. The next time you see her, play the “exchanging glances” game with her again, but this time you need to go ahead and approach her.

THINK “HIGH SCHOOL”: Outside of the classroom, THE VERY BEST PLACES to meet females on campus will be the hallways, the commons (or where ever students gather to eat), and any other places where people lounge around campus between classes.

Recommended: Show up about an hour before you class starts to have some time to do some hunting around the yard. You will most likely see other women hanging around campus waiting for their classes to start.


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