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Dating Online Tips, Part 4: The Virtual Flirting Song-And-Dance

Now that you have uploaded you photo and written your description into your online profile, it’s now time to cast your net into the cyber sea; by beginning to flirt and make connections with the women online!

Do not wait for the women to make the first move (you’ll be waiting for a very long time if you do). You are still the hunter. START HUNTING!!

You will begin by browsing through women’s profiles based on your dating preference. You will be given a set of options to choose from, such as:

  • Age (18-99)
  • Race (Caucasian, African American, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, etc.)
  • Body Type (Slim/Slender, Athletic, Average, Little Extra, etc.)

And the list goes on.

The main thing is to choose what you want, and if some of the options don’t matter that much to you (such as “Height” and “Religion”), then always choose “No Preference.”

Now that you are ready to begin browsing through profiles of women, keep these VERY IMPORTANT tips in mind:

  • Always select “I am a Man seeking a Woman” option
  • select the option “show photo profiles only” to only see profiles with photos of the women
  • ALWAYS START OFF IN YOUR AREA FIRST! Search up to 50 miles within your area before you start searching outside of your area.

How To Flirt Online

You come across a profile of a woman that strikes your interest, and you are now wondering what to say to her in the note you are about to send.

“What should I say to her?”

Well, how about starting with the obvious: “What is she saying on her page?”

Yes, this is going to require you to READ! Plus, she will be impressed that you actually took the time to read her page in the first place!

What you are looking for are clues like: “I like to read in my spare time, watch television, work out,” etc.

YOU then counter with the intel you’ve just discovered:

You: “Hello ______(her name or screen name), I see that you enjoy watching television. What type of shows you do watch? What is your favorite show?”

Get the idea? Just use the information she’s provided in her profile description to strike up a conversation with her.

If you want to get into commenting on the physical specifics about her, DO NOT get into the “I think you are the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen…” stuff (cornball).

Rather, look for the specifics. Is she dressed very nice in her photo? How about her hairstyle?

Add these comments last:

You: “Hello ______(her name or screen name), I see that you enjoy watching television. What type of shows you do watch? What is your favorite show? By the way, that dress you are wearing in your photo looks really great on you!”

The idea is to be both direct and indirect at the same time. This separates you from the “Horny Harold’s” who send here notes like “WOW THAT’S A NICE RACK! I JUST WANT TO REACH THROUGH MY COMPUTER SCREEN AND GRAB TWO HANDFULS!”

DO NOT tell her things about herself that are obvious to her such as “you have a great smile” or “such beautiful eyes.”

The reason is, she has probably been told this all of her life (or for as long as her profile has been online), and you haven’t told her anything different than the other men who also constantly remind her of this daily.

What to do after I send her a note?


This is for your own good. It will keep you from going insane while waiting for the first woman you had you heart set on to respond to you.

She may not even respond to you!

It could be that she has already been taken off the market by another guy, or that she isn’t interested.


One more crucial piece of advice that you do not want to ignore: If you send a note to a woman and she does not respond back after a couple of days, DO NOT SEND HER ANOTHER NOTE ASKING HER IF SHE GOT THE FIRST ONE!!

Nothing shouts “Pathetic Loser” more than pulling this little number. What if she only has access to the internet twice a week?

If you send her a note on Monday, then send her a “Did you get my note?” on Wednesday, and she is only able to check her notes on Friday, then guess what? She’s going to have the first note from Monday, AND your little “desperation” note you sent to her on Wednesday, and she’ll probably say to herself “wow, this guy is desperate!”

She most likely won’t even respond, figuring that if you are “impatient” by nature, you’ll be the same way when it comes to “other things.”

Play it cool. Talk to different women, and choose to explore further with the ones you get the best responses from. Out of that bunch, pick a couple to exchange phone numbers with.

(NOTE: DO NOT send her your phone number without her specifically asking for it, or agreeing to exchange numbers with you first.

Example: “Hello Jane, I was looking through your profile and was very intrigued by you interest in Action movies. They’re my absolute favorite! How about we talk about it sometime? Give me a call at ###-###-####. Hope to hear from you soon!

-Joe E. Schmoe-

Don’t EVER do this. It makes you look ULTRA DESPERATE…)

If everything works out over the phone, schedule a date in where the two of you can meet some place public for dinner or drinks.

Then come back and tell us how it all went 😉

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