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Cool Date Ideas: A Day At The Museum

This cool date ideas tip works on two levels provided that your date has an open mind to learning about history (as well as you):

A) It may give you a chance to show off the “educated/interested in learning” side of you (since most women feel that all guys think about is sex, sports, and beer), or B) this may be a chance to introduce her to something new, especially if all she knows about is Fergie, Donatella, and triple Venti vanilla lattes.

Cool Date Ideas Note: Again, this is only going to work if your date has an open mind to learning about history. If she thinks of this type of stuff as “boring” or “lame,” then obviously it would be a waste of time and money to take her. But if your date is already into this stuff, then no worries.

The museum is also a good place for a date because they always have different exhibitions going on at different times of the year.

Take for instance the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Right now they currently have an exhibit called CSI: The Experience, which is based on the television show CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), and Lucy’s Legacy, which is about the first human-like fossil found in Ethiopia.

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The Zoo is also another great alternative, as animals have lots of history attached to themselves as well (where did it come from? what other animals are related to this one? what does it eat? etc…).

As always, a good money saving tip is to eat before or after going to either one of these places, as the food is probably more expensive if you eat there (you are paying for the convenience of not having to leave to go and grab something to eat).

Some places, such as the Houston Zoo offers discounts if you purchase tickets ahead of time at a one of the participating local grocery store’s courtesy booth.

It’s best to just check the website of the museum or zoo in your area to see if they have any special deals or discounts. Just do a google search to find out what’s available as far as museums and zoos in your area.


Here is what we have available in the Houston area to give you an example:

The Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Zoo

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

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