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Chest Exercises: Nothing Beats Push-Ups…EVER!

I had gotten plenty of chest exercises while in boot camp. There was this one Recruit Divison Commander who would yell for you to drop and give him 20 if you f*cked up, adding instructions for you to “do them until your heart explodes.”

I guess the good thing was the more you f*cked up, the better you got at doing push-ups!

Anyway, this article is about how to make your push-up routine a bit more interesting and intense, helping you to build a better physique.

There are three levels of workout intensity, and a total of nine exercises all together. It would also be good to use some of these right before you walk out the door to meet up with your date, especially if you’ve been slacking on your workout routine over the past few days (or weeks).

Kurt Brungardt says:

“Fear of embedding your teeth into the floor forces you to spend equal time lowering your body as you do raising it back up, a concentrated effort you may not often allow when using free weights. It’s this controlled pace that works muscles through three types of muscle-building resistance (concentric, eccentric and isometric) while teaching them to work as a team.”

Article: Push-up intensity: our simple-to-do push-up program will build you a terrific upper body via progressively more intense phases
by Myatt Murphy

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