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Cheap Date Ideas: A Park or Beach Picnic

More cheap date ideas for the budget conscience! Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. Take advantage of the beautiful free outdoors and hit the local, national, or state park or beach for a picnic!

Provided that the weather is nice (or is going to be) this cheap date idea works because other than maybe gas, sunblock, and picnic food (most of which can be found around the house), there is very little you have to spend money on.

Plus there is the added benefit of “intimacy” between you and your date. Just the two of you on the picnic blanket or taking a walk through a nature trail, enjoying each other’s company.

For this cheap date idea for picnics, I won’t tell you what all you and your date should do for your picnic, but I will make a few suggestions and tips about preparations to make for your day outing.


Nothing F’s up a beautifully planned picnic like a rainy day, especially one that happens upon you while in the middle of the actual picnic!

To save your self the trouble of trying to predict weather patterns yourself, go to WeatherBug.com and type in your city, state, and zip code to get an idea of what the weather will be like during the day of your planned picnic.

If your picnic is for the weekend, click on the 7-day forecast which will show your the weather for the next 7-days. But, continue to check back often because the weather can do a complete 360 almost overnight!

The weather man can say “Clear and sunny skies for tomorrow”, and then you step outside the next day and almost drown!

Which park or beach to picnic at

For this cheap date idea I am mostly referring to local parks and beaches as your picnic destination, so if you have no idea what’s available in your area then do a google search.


But there are alternatives: If you are looking for a more interesting picnic experience, then you may want to look into visiting a state or national park, such as Big Bend (Texas) and Yosemite (California). Some have fees; other are free to enter.

Here is the websites for the State (Municipal) and National Parks Services, which will also tell you if they charge a fee for the park you are looking to visit:

National Park Service

List of State/Municipal Parks in the US

Best US Beaches by Region

Picnic Recipe Ideas

You have 4 options with this cheap date idea:

  • A) You can make (or attempt to make) some of the recipes from the website listed below yourself
  • B) You can take the web link listed below and forward it to your date if she is better at preparing food than you
  • C) You can ask a friend or family member (or ask her to ask one of her friends or family members) who is better at preparing food than you. Buy them alcohol or a movie ticket in return for their help
  • D) Subway, Quiznos, or Murphy’s Deli Baby! Pick it up, put it in the cooler for later

Here is the link for picnic recipes and food ideas for picnics: Picnic-Basket.com

Do forget about food safety (Don’t let food poisoning spoil your next outing…)

What to bring

Naturally there are a few items you don’t want to leave the house without for your picnic:

  • A big-ass blanket
  • Sunblock
  • A hat and a pair of sunglasses (be sure your date has a pair as well)
  • Beach towel(s) if going to the beach
  • Nicknacks to keep things interesting with your date

Some final cheap date ideas for picnics recommendations:

Brining a friend(s) along who also has a date(s) is another good idea. Now you can team up with your date and compete against them in volleyball, basket ball, soft ball, etc.

Save money by borrowing items such as beach chairs, baseball gloves, picnic chairs, etc. from friends and family. Just be sure to return them to your friends or family afterwards, or don’t expect any more favors from them in the future.

Leave the iPod(s) at home. You are there to entertain one another, not tune each other out. Bring a battery-powered radio instead.

Picnic somewhere that had lots of trees for shade The sun gets to be a problem after being exposed to it for hours. Something to keep in mind if you picnic at a beach. Be sure to find a cheap beach umbrella or two.

If you are considering taking alcohol be sure to check with the park or beaches website (or call ahead) to find out if it even permitted.

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