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Cheap Date Ideas: A Beautiful Day In Her Neighborhood

If you’ve got the time and gas, then here are some cheap date ideas that double as “getting to know more about you” one-on-one time with your date.

Provided that:

  • Her neighborhood is relatively safe (not having to look over your shoulder as you walk or drive down the street)
  • It is a relatively nice day out
  • You are invited over in the first place

then why not drive over and hang out with your date at her place, be it on her front lawn, porch, sidewalk, driveway, or simply go for a walk around the block!

(CHEAP DATE IDEAS NOTE: I am stressing the point of hanging out with her “outside of her home” in case the two of you haven’t reached a point in where she would feel comfortable inviting you in. You also run into this scenario if she is still living at home with her parents, or if she has roommates and doesn’t want them all in her business (especially if her female roommate is a known “flirt.”)

On the flip side of this coin, you may just as well get invited inside if she doesn’t want her neighbors poking their noses in her business.

About 99% of the time when a female invites me over to her house, it’s always to hang out with her inside her home. The only time I run into not being invited inside is when the female still lives at home with her parents, lives on campus in a dorm, or has roommates. Your Mileage May Vary)

This cheap date idea is also one of the very best ways to have an intimate in-person conversation with her without any distractions (provided that you put your cell phone on vibrate, and she does the same).

Go for a small walk up and down her street (if it is a low-traffic kind of street), or around the block or apartment complex a few times (again, as long as you feel the surroundings are SAFE. Not all neighborhoods are created equal) and just talk and flirt with one another.

If all the right signals are present, then don’t be too surprised if the two of you are holding hands, hugged-up, and kissing before the night (or day) is done.

When I think about it, it’s always been either the driveway or front porch where this happens between me and my date, and never on the actual date out in public. The number 1 reason being that this is her environment where she is most comfortable and familiar with, and you always want a woman to feel comfortable.

The number 2 reason is that here (at her home) you are away from the crowds, the staring eyes, the bright lights, etc. In the driveway or on the porch, it is only you, her, and the night sky, making the atmosphere more intimate and subtle. Perfect for the chance to “get your freak on!”

A Couple Of Cheap Date Idea Notes To Keep In Mind

-You do not have to get all dressed up for this occasion.

You are only going over to her house to chill, so dress for the part. A nice shirt and some jeans or shorts will do just fine. Just don’t go over to her house looking like you just came from shooting some hoops or lifting weights at the gym (and DEFINITELY don’t go over there if you just came from doing either of these unless you’ve already showered and changed clothes).

-Leave your “boyz” at home.

Unless your date has a female friend over at her place that she is trying to hook up or introduce to your friend, then don’t bring him or them to come tagging along. They’ll only get in the way, or will get bored and start to flirt with your date while you are looking (which will probably do serious damage to your friendship. Ask the Beetles (can you say “Yoko Ono?”)).

-Bring a couple of dollars in case you get hungry for something “fast.”

No need to spend a bunch a money on food, or to drive across town to some fancy restaurant or buffet. A good cheap date idea is the two of you can just hop in your car and drive to the local Subway, Quiznos, or McDonalds in her immediate area. You can eat the meal there, or hit the drive-thru and grub in her drive way on the trunk of your car.

-Keep it “interesting.”

Have a back-up plan in case the two of you run out of things to talk about. Bring your photo album of all the photos you’ve taken over the years of family, friends, and places you’ve visited if you have one, and/or ask to see hers. Another cheap date idea alternative is to bring over a deck of cards (Uno cards are also a good alternative), or a chess or checkers board.

This is a good chance to teach or her about some of the games you know how to play, OR to learn some of the games she may know how to play that you’ve always wanted to learn.

With this one though, it probably would be best to call ahead and ask her if she’d be interested in playing either of these games in the first place.


Be considerate. She may have to get up early in the morning for work or school, so limit your visit to a only a couple of hours. And that’s only if everything is going great!

If she doesn’t seem to be into the conversation or your visit at all, then leave after an hour. That should be more than enough time to get a good indication from her body language whether or not she wants to be bothered.

You will know if and when she wants you to leave.

She may just outright tell you, or give you hints, such as yawing or continuously asking “what time is it?” But if all is well, don’t be surprised if you aren’t over there for more than 4 or 5 hours (or even the whole night…lucky you!) since the time will just fly without the two of you taking notice of it.

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