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Cheap Date Ideas: Home Movie Night

“Cheap Date Ideas” shows you how you can still have a wonderful time and impress your date for less than $20 dollar!

With soaring gas prices and a stalled economy, you want to try to hold on to as much of your money as you can these days right?

How can it be done?

Answer: With “Home Movie Night!”

This cheap date idea is very simple, budget conscience, and can be done on any day of the week, at your place or hers.


Here is what you’ll need:

  • Netflix

    Cost: Free (2-week Trial)

    Sign up for Netflix’s free 2-week trial and pick 1-3 movies to have delivered to your home or P.O.Box from their list of over 90,000 titles to choose from.

    You are going to want to do this at least a week before you plan your movie night to give Netflix enough time to process your order and ship you your movies. I have been using Netflix for at least a year now, and they are pretty fast. If I send in movies on Monday, I get a new batch from my que on either Wednesday or Thursday.

    It may also be a good idea to ask your date which movies she may be interested in seeing. Don’t worry about having to get all “chick flicks” either. Mix it up a bit. Get one Action flick, one Drama, and one Horror or Comedy.

    (CHEAP DATE IDEAS NOTE: Movies are good because they gives you and your date something to talk about for the next few days. If you get 3 movies and two of them were “great” but the last one “sucked,” (or YOU thought it was “great” but SHE thought it “sucked”) then the two of you can give each other your own opinions about the movie)

    Another good thing about Netflix is that you get to keep the movies for as long as you want. So if you and your date only get around to watching 2 movies, then save the last one for another night and send the other 2 back in to receive two more.

    After you are done with the dvd’s, stick them back in the envelope, seal it up, and stick it back in the mail box.

    If you don’t want to keep Netflix, then cancel before the 2-week trail period ends. But if you plan to have more movie nights in the future, then keep it!

    Netflix – Only $4.99 a month. No Late Fees. Try it for Free!

    Total Cost= $0

  • Pizza

    Cost: Get a medium or large pizza for about $10-12 dollars depending on who you order from

    Pizza goes perfect with movies. And it’s cheap! You can save yourself money if you call and ask them what specials they have going on and save even more money by going to pick up the pizza to avoid the delivery charges (and the guilt of not tipping the delivery guy).

    (Cheap Date Ideas Tip: Go online for places like Pizza Hut and print up the coupons they post online. Be sure to call ahead to be sure they will honor the coupon though)

    If you do not want/plan to leave out then consider buying a frozen pizza like Freschetta or DiGiorno and save even more money!

    These frozen pizzas can range from $6-7 dollars depending on where you buy, and you can stick it in your freezer until movie night, and pop it in the oven before your date arrives (or during your first movie, but then you’ll have to continuously pause the damn thing to make sure your pizza doesn’t burn up).

    Total Cost: Budget for about $10-12 Dollars

  • Drinks

    Cost: 2 liters run about $1-2 bucks. If you are buying “fruity drinks” such as Smirnoff Ice, a 6-pack can run anywhere from $6.50-$7.00 depending on where you buy. A 6-pack of Bud or Bud Light goes for about $4-5 bucks.

    (Cheap Date Ideas Tip: You may come out a little cheaper on the Smirnoff and Bud if you buy them from a grocery store instead of a liquor store. But generally the prices are the same wherever you buy from)

    Save yourself even more money by asking your date what she wants to drink ahead of time. No use in buying “Coke” or “Smirnoff” if she doesn’t drink either. She may only want (bottled) water.

    Total Cost: Budget for about $5-7 dollars

And that’s all you need for this cheap date idea!

Best of all, since new movies come out all of the time, and there are probably hundreds of other movies that I’m sure you and your date have always wanted to see, “Home Movie Night” never gets old, and can be repeated as often as you like, saving you lots of money while still being entertaining (and entertained) in the process!

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