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Guess what? You don’t have to be living in Brazil in order to learn Capoeira.

There are different instructors around the US who teach it, but you’ll have to do some looking around. ***UPDATE***: Here is a directory for Capoeria schools:

Schools In the US

Schools Worldwide

Capoeira is pretty hardcore, and, like gymnastics, not everyone can do it. But it would be so cool if you could, and it DEFINITELY doesn’t hurt to try. (HINT: Chicks ALSO do Capoeira, and most are just as good as the guys…)

Find out about the history of Capoeira here (Did you know that Capoeira was outlawed in Brazil in 1890, and the punishment for practicing it was practitioners would have the tendons on the backs of their feet cut?), and check out the BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING VIDEOS I have posted below on the art of capoeira below.

Capoeira anyone?

This is the scene from the movie “The Protector” pitting Capoeira Vs. Muay Thai Boxing.

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